Dental Fillings in Morton Grove, IL: Restore and Revitalize Your Smile

Nothing lasts forever, and this is particularly true for our teeth. Even with meticulous care, the potential of facing cavities exists. Enter dental fillings - a dental savior that helps in bringing back the original strength and functionality of a decayed tooth. At Advanced Dentistry Morton Grove, our dentists - Dr. Behzad (Ben) Sanei, Dr. Tim Sagun, and Dr. Noor Qasim, are experts at offering dental solutions tailored for you. Discover the benefits of dental fillings and how they're revolutionizing smiles in Morton Grove, Skokie, Niles, Glenview, Wilmette, and Park Ridge.

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is more than just a solution to tooth decay. It's a preventive measure to stop cavities from furthering their damage. By utilizing tooth-colored composite resin fillings, the tooth not only regains its strength but seamlessly blends in with your natural smile.

Why Should You Opt for Dental Fillings in Morton Grove, IL?

Neglecting cavities can escalate into a need for more complicated procedures like root canals. Dental fillings offer a simpler alternative. By choosing a filling early, you not only protect the tooth but also get it matched to the hue of your natural teeth, ensuring your smile remains as radiant as ever. 

Who Can Benefit from Dental Fillings?

Tooth decay can often be a silent assailant, making regular dental check-ups crucial. Our detailed exams at Advanced Dentistry Morton Grove, accompanied by X-rays, can help in identifying and addressing these sneaky cavities, ensuring your teeth remain in their optimal state.

What's a Temporary Filling and Why Would I Need One?

Temporary fillings are often placed when waiting for a permanent solution or when a tooth requires a bit more time to heal. They act as placeholders and protect the tooth until the next dental visit.

What Steps Are Involved in Filling a Tooth?

Our method is precise and efficient. After numbing the targeted area, the decay is thoroughly eradicated. The tooth is prepped with an etching gel, paving the way for the resin filling. Cured with a unique dental light, this resin stands strong, giving you the freedom to relish your favorite foods without worry.

Are Silver Amalgam Fillings Safe?

Silver amalgam fillings have been in use for decades and are considered safe. However, at Advanced Dentistry Morton Grove, we often recommend tooth-colored composite resin for its aesthetic and functional benefits. 

How Should I Care for My Teeth with Fillings?

Maintain regular oral hygiene practices: brush, floss, and make your routine dental check-ups. This ensures the longevity of your fillings and overall dental health.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity after Getting a Dental Filling?

Post-procedure sensitivity is not uncommon and usually subsides in a few days. However, if it persists, it's essential to consult with our expert team for advice and possible solutions.

If you're in Morton Grove, IL, or surrounding locations and suspect you need a dental filling or have inquiries about any dental procedure, don't hesitate to call Advanced Dentistry Morton Grove at (847) 581-1942. Our friendly team awaits your call, always eager to guide you towards a brighter smile.

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