Wisdom Teeth Removal In Morton Grove, IL

The oral surgeons at Advanced Dentistry are here to provide you with a fair and honest assessment of your or your teen's wisdom teeth. Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted in the teenage years, but if the surgery is performed before the teeth have reached full maturity, it often makes for a less complicated procedure and shorter recovery time.

We also remove impacted wisdom teeth, a more complex extraction procedure that is not performed at most general dentistry offices.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When wisdom teeth come in at an angle, this can affect the bite, create an area where food particles get caught, and cause decay or even an infection. Having wisdom teeth removed is an important step in keeping smiles healthy, straight, and decay-free.

We work together to determine if your or your teen's wisdom teeth will need to be removed through a complete oral exam and specialized x-ray imaging.

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Do you have a wisdom tooth causing you pain? Are you noticing swelling in your gums near your second or third molars? Schedule a consultation today!

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